Jean-Pierre Maes

Director, MAES Therapy International
Consultant Neuro-developmental Physiotherapist

Jean-Pierre is renowned internationally for his outstanding clinical skills and excellent teaching skills. He is an expert in the field of Cerebral Palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions, with over 25 years’ experience of treating babies, children and adults with movement disorders and achieving highly effective outcomes.

Jean-Pierre is a dynamic and pioneering Physiotherapist who is exceptionally dedicated to the children and families under the care of his team at MAES Therapy in London, where they offer a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment.

Jean-Pierre fully understands the needs and vital role of parents of a child with CP or movement disorders.

He graduated as a Physiotherapist in 1989 in Brussels and his thesis was “The role of the physiotherapist in the education of parents of children with cerebral palsy (CP)”

He has a special interest in working with babies with developmental delay and children with coordination difficulties, movement disorders and whose difficulties are complex and neurological in nature, such as Cerebral Palsy.

From 1998 to 2013 he was based at The Bobath Centre (London) as a Consultant Neuro-developmental Physiotherapist and was one of the most experienced and influential international Bobath-NDT Senior Tutors and regular Course Leaders. During this period, he organised and led a wide variety of Bobath-NDT courses, training hundreds of paediatric therapists in the UK and world-wide.

Jean-Pierre has since progressed and developed and has left Bobath-NDT and moved on and now practices and teaches MAES Therapy, a new and pioneering approach to the treatment and management of Babies and Children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neuro-developmental conditions.

Rather than the traditional approach of exercises or just trying to treat the obvious atypical symptoms, MAES Therapists are trained in the expert analysis of movement coordination, understanding why the child moves the way that he/she does and then, using the brain’s wonderful capacity to adapt and learn, the therapist helps the child to learn new, more typical movements combinations, through dynamic treatment sessions.

His colleagues at MAES Therapy are mentored by him and they are highly specialised in the early intervention and treatment of babies and children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neuro-developmental conditions.

Jean-Pierre is a Member of:

  • APCP – Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists
  • CSP – Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, UK
  • EACD – European Academy of Childhood Disability
  • HCPC – Health and Care Professions Council, UK
  • IHA – International Halliwick Association
  • SANDTA – South African Neurodevelopmental Association (Honorary Member)

Zorana Klaric

Paediatric Neuro-developmental Physiotherapist

Zorana is an experienced and highly skilled Physiotherapist who is passionate about helping babies and children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions achieve their maximum potential.

She has been working as a paediatric physiotherapist for over 14 years, with experience of working in the community and at a special hospital for children with motor and neurodevelopmental difficulties, as a part of a multidisciplinary team including Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists and Doctors.

For the past 4 years, Zorana has been working at MAES Therapy – Early intervention and specialised treatment for babies and children with neuro-developmental conditions and movement disorders.

As Zorana says:

“Working at MAES Therapy has confirmed and expanded my belief in the potential of the child’s brain to change (neuroplasticity proven many times in neuro-scientific research), based upon the input coming from the environment, which is a thought I always keep in mind when working with children. Providing opportunities during the therapy sessions and to work on the main issues with variety, staying on track and attending to the potential challenges to optimal learning of new movements, has been so rewarding, through seeing the children making immense progress.”

“At MAES Therapy we always consider children as whole, capable and competent human beings, appreciating their challenges but finding ways to open the possibilities for different outcomes.”

Zorana is an excellent team player and works closely with her colleagues. She has a wonderful rapport with her patients and knows how to help them benefit the most from her dynamic therapy sessions.

Following her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia 2003,  Zorana has been keen to continue to develop her professional knowledge and skills and has taken a variety of postgraduate courses:

2006  – 8-Week Basic Bobath-NDT Paediatric Course, London UK

2006  – Baby Bobath-NDT Course, Zagreb, Croatia

2007  – Introductory “Feldenkrais method workshop”

2009  – Advanced Early Assessment and Intervention with Babies and young Children”, London UK

2011 – Advanced Movement analysis and Treatment Skills, Zagreb, Croatia

2013 – Second “Advanced Early Assessment and Intervention with Babies and Young Children”, Zagreb, Croatia

2014 – MAES – Movement Analysis and Education Strategies Course”, Zagreb, Croatia, which challenged and deepened both my theoretical and practical knowledge and ways of treating children with Cerebral Palsy of all ages

2015 – Assisted on “Movement Analysis and Education Strategies Course” in Zagreb, Croatia, in chapters on Spastic Hypertonia and in practical sessions

  • MAES Therapy Trained
  • Bobath-NDT Trained

Member of:

  • Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)

Cátia Costa

Paediatric Neuro-developmental Physiotherapist

Cátia is an enthusiastic and committed Paediatric Physiotherapist who is passionate about working with babies and children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions.

She qualified at Atlantic University in Portugal in 2012. Since then Cátia has always been working in paediatric area, predominantly with children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neuro-developmental conditions, in a variety of environments in Portugal and England as a part of a multidisciplinary team.

Following her Physiotherapy Degree in Lisbon Cátia has been keen to continue to develop her professional knowledge and skills and has taken a variety of postgraduate courses in paediatric area:

Cátia says:

“MAES Therapy is a pioneering approach of treatment and management of children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neuro-developmental conditions.

MAES Therapy improved my understanding about CP and completely changed my approach to children with CP. MAES Therapy makes us understand that our intervention is not just the visible symptoms but is about the difficulty that the brain has to coordinate the movement.

With this approach we are able to help children to learn and develop skills that are missing by providing specific opportunities for that.”

2017 – MAES – Movement Analysis and Education Strategies Course. Somerset, UK

2017 – Introduction to Bobath – NDT Paediatric Course. Lisbon, Portugal

2015/2016 – Post-Graduation Degree in Paediatric Physiotherapy. Lisbon, Portugal

2015 – Physiotherapy in Snoezelen Environment – “Sensory Room”. Lisbon, Portugal

2014 – Journey of Respiratory Therapy, Lisbon, Portugal

2014 – Course of Physiotherapy in Paediatric Conditions. Lisbon, Portugal

2011 – Workshop “Respirator Therapy in Paediatrics” – Lisbon, Portugal

Member of:

– HCPC – Health and Care Professions Council

– CSP – Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

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