Comments from Therapists:

2-Day Introduction Course, MAES Therapy

“I enjoyed the opening of a new approach and a new way of thinking about how CP presents over time;  why children develop ‘abnormal patterns’ and their sense of anticipation, how this affects a child’s response and how reducing it can be useful in therapy. The MAES Framework will be helpful in both analysing where the child is, but where to start.”

Thank you for an excellent introduction course. I’ve learnt so much.”

Annie Brozaitis
Children’s Occupational Therapist


“The course exceeded my expectations; it’s a very different and refreshing way of thinking, observing, assessing and treating children.  The visual MAES Therapy Framework of matching skills to activity demands is excellent for me to understand, but also to use with parents to support their understanding. It is very client centered.”

Occupational Therapist


“It is a very practical approach and will help ensure other underlying difficulties are identified and treatment then based on this. Very accessible when explaining goals to families – the visual of the MAES Therapy Framework works well.”

Sophie Hawkins


I was expecting a traditional Physio approach; however, the course, the MAES Approach is far more holistic and reflected many of the concepts of OT. It was great to see this applied in a specialised way.

I will now enter assessments with less focus on the presenting symptoms and correcting these, but instead will look in-depth at how the whole body is moving, the activity demands and work towards achieving quality performance of skills with varied, dynamic movement patterns.”

Rosemary Palmer,
Children’s Occupational Therapist , Bristol